5 Tips for Hiring a Remodeling Contractor

5 Tips for Hiring a Remodeling Contractor

Are you a homeowner who wants to make renovations? Whether you’re preparing to sell or have a home refresh in mind, you should work with a remodeling contractor. A remodeling contractor is a trained or licensed professional who works to remodel, restore, or renovate a property while maintaining compliance with local safety regulations. Simply put, a remodeling contractor can help you design your home to fit your lifestyle. Read on for the five best tips for hiring a remodeling contractor.

1. Ask your family and friends for recommendations

If you have never worked with a remodeling contractor before, you might wonder where to find them. Or you might have already worked with a remodeling contractor, and for whatever reason, you wish to work with someone different. Your first instinct might be to search online for remodeling contractors in the Galveston area. But before you hop on Google to perform an internet search, you might want to turn to your network of family and friends instead.

Several people in your network have probably worked with a remodeling contractor over the past year. So ask your family and friends for recommendations. Ask them whether or not they had a positive experience and what made it so. You could also ask them how their remodeling contractor handled any problems and if they would hire them again. For reference, as many as 92% of people trust their friends and family for referrals.

2. Check their credentials

Texas might not require contractors to have a license, but that doesn’t mean you should skip checking their qualifications. If the remodeling contractor works for a company, get the company name and address. You can then ask what insurance the company uses and if they have liability or worker’s compensation coverage. Or, if the remodeling contractor is not associated with a firm, you will need to ask if they have insurance to protect them from incidents. You can even contact their insurance numbers to determine if any formal complaints were filed against them.

Consider also asking the remodeling contractor for at least three references. You can call these references to ask about their experience working with the contractor and overall satisfaction. Ask the remodeling contractor for examples of work they have done. When reviewing their portfolio, consider what materials were used, their workmanship, and any similarity to your project. References can help you decide if the contractor is qualified and see how clients have liked their work.

3. Meet for estimates

Once you have chosen a prospective candidate, you will need to meet them in person. Consider inviting the remodeling contractor into your home. They will then assess the area to be renovated and come up with a number. If the project's scope is minor, such as repainting the walls or washing the windows, they will likely not charge for the estimate. Instead, they will give you a price for the service.

However, the remodeling contractor may charge for the estimate if the renovation is much more extensive. This is because remodeling contractors have to measure and inspect the area. They will also discuss with you what features you like added. For example, if you wish to completely renovate your bathroom, they will need to ask you about paint colors and whether you want embellishments.

It is important to note that an estimate is just that — an estimate. The remodeling contractor might encounter problems during the renovation, such as pipe corrosion or a malfunctioning water heater. Nonetheless, an estimate can be used as a tentative baseline to help you create a budget for the renovation. Estimates can later be adjusted depending on how extensive the project is.

4. Sign a contract

Once you and your remodeling contractor determine the logistics of the home project, you need to get everything in writing. Besides having the somewhat tricky task of remembering every little detail, a contract is necessary for legal purposes. Use clear and coherent language when writing the contract. Before signing, consider having an attorney review and approve it, especially if the project costs are substantial.

Generally, every contract needs to have the following components. You must first incorporate a description of the work to complete and the projected price. You can then work with your remodeling contractor on a payment schedule. For example, you could pay once the job is at the halfway point and then pay the rest when it is complete.

Be sure to include estimated start and completion dates as well. Consider also if you wish to add any clauses or guarantees. If the other party decides to cancel or otherwise does not fulfill the contract terms, you need to spell out what exactly would happen. Lastly, the home project can begin once you and the remodeling contractor sign the contract.

5. Be flexible

One of the most essential tips for hiring a remodeling contractor is that home projects might not always be able to follow a strict deadline. Despite extensive preparations, many things could go wrong. For example, the remodeling contractor might be renovating the kitchen and find the dishwasher leaking. They would then have to stop what they are doing to address this issue.

While having a start and end date is important, it is just as important to be flexible. The timeline of the home project might need to be extended. Or, it might have to be put on pause due to unforeseen circumstances such as incremental weather or illness. In those cases, you need to be willing to recreate the timeline. Be patient and enjoy the process as your remodeling contractor helps refresh and rejuvenate your property.

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