17 Home Remodel Tips for a Successful Renovation

17 Home Remodel Tips for a Successful Renovation

Are you a homeowner in the Galveston, Texas, area? Whether you have just moved in or lived there for a long time, you might consider remodeling your home or renovating specific spaces. Expert realtor Ashley Marquez is here to help. Read on for seventeen remodeling tips to make the renovation process as efficient as possible.

Tips for maximizing your budget on your remodel

Make a budget

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Whether you are planning on installing new hardwood flooring, adding a new room, or something else entirely, you need to know your budget. In a luxury home, you can expect to pay upwards of $60 per square foot for most renovations. 

Set an end date and plan backward from there

Once you establish a budget for your renovation project, it is time to create a timeline. You should set an end date for when the project will be completed, and then you can work backward from there. Speak with your home remodeling contractors, who can tell you how long each step of the renovation process should take and what should be done first. 

Ask friends for advice and references

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When starting any renovation project, you will need to work with an expert home remodeling contractor team. The best way to find references is through your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues network. When seeking references, ask your friends what their experience was like and how satisfied they were with the renovation project. 

Know which improvements you can make yourself

There are thousands of possible home improvement projects, and many can be DIY. Knowing which projects you should do yourself and when to hire a contractor can save you considerable time and maximize your budget. For example, home improvement projects such as cleaning vinyl siding, repainting the doors and walls, and applying a new backsplash are all simple renovations you can do yourself. You can save the more extensive home improvement projects, such as replacing the entire flooring or adding a new room, for experienced contractors.

Pack up and declutter

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With many things going on during a renovation project, you need to start paring down your belongings. Go through every room of your home and start decluttering. Divide your items into three piles — things you wish to throw away, donate, or sell. When deciding which items will stay and which will go, you might want to consider what lifestyle you wish to emulate. 

Plan for water outages

When renovating a house, one thing you have to be prepared for is the possibility that the water might get shut off. While these water outages will be temporary, it is still essential that you prepare for them. Know what time and days the water will be shut off. You can then prepare by filling pots, buckets, and bathtubs with water for daily cleaning and cooking.

Keep the construction zones safe for kids

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One thing you need to remember when renovating your home is that it is a potential construction zone. Construction zones can be dangerous, especially for kids. Keep the area as safe as possible by following safety protocols. Always ensure that the construction company uses appropriate signage, barricades, and flaggers to prevent kids from falling or having a severe injury. 

Get permits

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If you are considering specific home renovation projects, you might have to apply for a permit. Major renovation projects, such as adding decks, altering the plumbing or electrical work, or adding a bathroom, can significantly change the home's footprint. If you don’t get a permit, it could stall the project or create complications in the home's sale. You can get a permit through the local municipal office

Book a contractor

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For renovation projects, you need to find a contractor with the skills and expertise to work on your home. Interview two to three potential contractors; at a minimum, ask if they meet licensing requirements. Check the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints were ever filed against them. Ultimately, you want to find a compatible contractor within your budget.

More remodeling tips for maximizing your budget

Maximize natural light without adding windows

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Increasing the amount of natural light in a space is essential. From boosting vitamin D levels to improving sleep, the benefits are numerous. One easy way to achieve this desired effect is by adding a large mirror or a few smaller ones. The mirror will reflect light, giving the impression the room has more light.

Buy recycled fixtures and building materials

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One easy way you can maximize your budget is by using recycled materials. These recycled materials can add character, depth, and value to your home. In other words, your home won’t look like a basic cookie-cutter model, but one that has a story to tell. You will be able to use historical elements, while also conserving the earth’s resources.

Collect a tax credit for donating your trash

You will probably collect a lot of trash when renovating. From used furniture to piles of boxes, the collection will likely be extensive. Instead of taking them to the landfill, consider donating your trash to a charitable organization. What’s more, you could even claim a tax credit for the donation.

Do your own demolition

During a renovation, there will likely be some demolitions. Some demolitions might be too extensive, while others you can do yourself. For example, some easy DIY demolitions that you could consider would be tearing out a wall, removing flooring, replacing windows or doors, and ripping out a shower or tub. When planning to do your demolition, be sure to consider the project's scope and duration and follow all safety guidelines. Ultimately, you can streamline the renovation process and maximize your budget by doing certain demolitions yourself.

Ask your contractor if they have leftover materials you can use

Sometimes contractors might have excess materials from a previous project. They might be able to use them again. Using these leftover materials, you can allocate resources and maximize your budget.

Opt for an architect consultation over a full-blown architectural commission

Depending on the project's scope, consider opting for an architect consultation over a full-blown architectural commission. With an architect consultation, they can advise you on the design and assist you in negotiating with the contractor. You will have viable options in designing your space how you see fit while being guided by an expert. Compare that to a full-blown architectural commission, which can amount to 15% of the project's total cost. For a consultation, you pay by the hour.

DIY when you can with sweat equity

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There is a lot of work to be done when renovating a home. You can maximize your budget by completing DIY projects with sweat equity. Many homeowners might do DIY projects such as replacing the garage door, adding manufactured stone veneer, replacing the front door, and doing a minor kitchen remodel. Doing these projects yourself can bring even more value to the work.

Cut delivery costs by picking up materials yourself

Renovation costs often add up quickly. You can cut some of these costs by reducing the delivery fees. If the items are located locally, consider picking them up yourself. Home improvement stores might have rental trucks that you could use to haul the material to your home. Consider also renting a trailer to connect to your car to pick up materials needed for the home renovation project.

Want more remodeling tips, or are you interested in selling your home? If so, it’s time to schedule a consultation with experienced real estate agent Ashley Marquez. She can provide expert guidance from staging tips to innovative marketing tactics and help you achieve your real estate dreams. Please research Ashley online and contact her team as your next step toward homeownership.

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