10 Best Restaurants in Galveston, TX

10 Best Restaurants in Galveston, TX

Galveston is a quaint and luxurious community known for its waterfront views and lavish residences. But when it comes to dining, the nearby city of Galveston is a serene and upscale alternative that attracts people seeking relaxation, fun, and great food. This post will explore the ten best restaurants in Galveston and the surrounding area.

The Steakhouse at San Luis Resort

5222 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX
The Steakhouse at San Luis Resort is a top-tier dining experience for those seeking a high-end culinary adventure. The menu features prime cuts of meat and seafood, perfectly paired with an extensive wine selection. With exceptional attention to detail and exquisite presentation, each dish is carefully crafted with premium ingredients, creating a feast for both the eyes and the palate. The dimly lit, upscale atmosphere and attentive service only add to the overall refinement of this dining establishment, making it an ideal location for an intimate dinner or special occasion. 

Vargas Cut and Catch

2102 Postoffice St, Galveston, TX
Vargas Cut and Catch is a Galveston-based seafood restaurant that prides itself on serving only the freshest and highest-quality seafood in the region. With a contemporary ambiance and a sophisticated interior, the restaurant's menu is as impressive as its décor, with a variety of seafood dishes that are expertly prepared and beautifully presented. Every meal at Vargas is a culinary masterpiece, from the lamb lollipops to the lobster deviled eggs. The restaurant also has an impressive selection of wine and cocktails to complement any meal, making it an ideal destination for an exclusive night out.

Trattoria La Vigna

412 20th St, Galveston, TX
Trattoria La Vigna transports their guests straight to the heart of Italy with their authentic dishes. The menu is carefully curated to blend traditional and modern Italian cuisine, with each dish prepared using fresh ingredients. The restaurant has an exceptional wine list featuring some of the best wine from different regions in Italy. Trattoria La Vigna has something to suit everyone's taste buds, from homemade pasta to wood-fired pizza and flavorful seafood choices.

Gaido's Seafood Restaurant

3828 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 
Gaido's Seafood Restaurant has been a staple of Galveston dining since 1911. For over a century, it has built a reputation for serving some of the freshest seafood in the area. Locals and tourists alike flock to Gaido's for its signature dishes, including the famous shrimp Gaido and the seafood platter. The menu also features a variety of other seafood fare, as well as steaks and poultry options. The restaurant has a warm and inviting ambiance, with friendly and knowledgeable staff always ready to provide recommendations. Gaido's prides itself on its commitment to quality, from the food to the service, ensuring every guest has a memorable time.

Riondo's Ristorante

2328 The Strand, Galveston, TX
Riondo's Ristorante boasts an impressive selection of Italian delicacies and a carefully curated list of notable wines. The restaurant's sophisticated and airy ambiance is the perfect setting for indulging in dishes like their delectable gnocchi di patate or savory osso buco alla Milanese. Diners can also opt for outdoor seating on the sidewalk to enjoy the warm Texas breeze while savoring their meal. Riondo's exceptional service and delectable menu are sure to impress.

Rudy & Paco Restaurant and Bar

2028 Postoffice St, Galveston, TX 
Rudy & Paco Restaurant and Bar opened its doors in 1996 and is best known for its fusion of Latin American and Gulf Coast cuisines. The menu features mouthwatering dishes such as seafood enchiladas, a tasty combination of claws, crab, and shrimp, topped with white wine garlic butter. Another must-try dish is the alcachofa a la basil, ricotta-stuffed ravioli served atop artichoke hearts and sundried tomatoes. The attentive service from the staff adds to the overall experience, making Rudy & Paco a perfect spot for a romantic dinner or special occasion.

Number 13 Prime Steak and Seafood

7809 Broadway St, Galveston, TX 
Located in the picturesque Pelican Rest Marina, Number 13 Prime Steak and Seafood is a haven for foodies looking for a one-of-a-kind dining experience. This upscale restaurant prides itself on using only the freshest, high-quality ingredients in every dish, each infused with its culinary artisans’ passion. Popular specialties on the menu include the melt-in-your-mouth Wagyu beef and the scrumptious lobster macaroni and cheese. Guests are treated to stunning views of the water from the dining room, while the warm and welcoming ambiance is perfect for a leisurely meal with loved ones. Don't miss the monthly wine tastings hosted by Number 13, a must-visit for wine connoisseurs.

Landry's Prime Seafood & Steaks

5310 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 
Landry's Prime Seafood & Steaks is a renowned eatery chain that has been a staple on Galveston Island for almost three decades. The restaurant offers an updated, contemporary look with a warm, welcoming atmosphere, perfect for families. Landry's is known for serving exceptional seafood and steaks, making it an excellent choice for a special occasion or just a night out. Along with its delectable cuisine, the restaurant offers unique table-side cocktails and a happy hour menu. Private rooms are available for events, making it a great spot for gatherings.

Saltwater Grill

2017 Postoffice St, Galveston, TX
Saltwater Grill is a seafood lover's paradise, serving many fresh and flavorful seafood dishes that will tantalize the taste buds. From succulent shrimp and plump mussels to delicate crab and sweet lobster, every meal is cooked to perfection and bursts with flavor. But Saltwater Grill is more than just a seafood restaurant — they also offer some of the best prime steaks in the area, ensuring that everyone at the table is happy. Saltwater Grill's relaxed and welcoming atmosphere is the perfect setting for any occasion.

Saltgrass Steak House

1502 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX
Saltgrass Steak House is a popular restaurant chain founded in 1952 that boasts of being true to Texas hospitality. Known for its perfectly cooked steaks, Saltgrass offers several dishes, including seafood, salads, and sandwiches, all made with the freshest ingredients. The menu's standout dishes include their signature Range Rattlers, bacon-wrapped shrimp stuffed with jack cheese and jalapeño, and the famous chicken fried steak that comes with cream gravy. Saltgrass Steak House offers excellent service with a cozy and rustic air, making it perfect for a casual dining experience.

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